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I purchased the grey suit, as it matches well with more of my shirts and pants than the other colors do. the delivery and customer assistance is superb as well ..they helped me in deciding my size of the suit really very well am happy with the delivery too.. all three pieces of this suit feel like silk. I was very appreciative of this feel, as I am often in my suits for upwards of eight hours a day, and comfort is important to me. This suit is a great product for those who are tall and thin. My other suits would often be too big in the shoulders, giving me a disheveled appearance. This suit is much more snug, accentuating my height without making me look like I borrowed a suit from my dad. The pants are tight around the waist, which provides a sleek and sexy appearance that is common in the modern business environment. I was able to button the suit jacket closed even with a shirt, tie, and the vest on, which alleviated the only concern that I had when I placed my order. Overall, I am very happy with this suit. Thanks for helping me out in outfits Deepanshi Mam

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